Kurt Sandow
Name Kurt Sandow
Occupation Reality show producer
Pathology Serial rapist
Statutory rapist
Family Alicia Sandow (wife)
Eddie Sandow (son)
Actor Michael McKean
First Appearance "Father's Shadow"

Kurt Sandow is a serial rapist.

Father's Shadow Edit

Kurt invites a young woman to audition for his reality show. After spiking her drink, he asks his son and his sons girlfriend to leave the room to which he then rapes her. After she is completely unable to talk, Kurt gets his son to call her a taxi. The woman is later found. While the SVU talks to her, another young woman comes to audition. Detectives Benson and Amaro save her just before Kurt is able to rape her and he is arrested. Kurts sons girlfriend later turns against Kurt and Kurt is incarcerated. Kurts son is furious and upset and he holds his girlfriend and her daughter hostage in their apartment, with the request to see his father.

When Detectives Rollins and Tutuola ask Kurt to come see his son, he refuses unless he is set free and a public apology is broadcast. This is unable to be done even if the detectives wanted it, and Kurt declines, not caring about his son or the hostage siege. He then taunts the detectives saying that his son gets aggressive if his sugar levels go too low. Through further investigation, Detective Benson finds out that Kurt was raping his child daughter by playing a game called Monster Under the Cover, a game in which he tackles his daughter. He used this game to touch his daughter inappropriately. His wife broke up with him and took their daughter, fleeing her to safety but unable to save her son either from Kurts predator skills, therefore making his son aggressive and to hate his mother.

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