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Kyle Ackerman

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Kyle Ackerman
Name Kyle Ackerman
Affiliation Revolution Aryan Warriors
Blitzkrieg Kids
Occupation Computer Programmer
Pathology Double Murderer
White Supremacist
Family Brian Ackerman (father)
Status Deceased
Actor Cody Kasch
First Appearance Raw

"Race traitor!"

Kyle Ackerman was the son of white supremacist Brian Ackerman, who was investigated by the Special Victims Unit in connection with a shooting that shot three schoolchildren (one of whom died). He was shot dead by FBI Agent Dana Lewis (using the alias Star Morrison) during a shootout in which he killed Judge T. Schuyler and fellow supremacist Brannon Lee Redding and wounded Detective Elliot Stabler. Detective John Munch and a court officer were wounded by Christopher Rawlings, a second shooter. (SVU: "Raw")

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