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Kyle Beresford

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Kyle Beresford
Kyle Beresford
Name Kyle Beresford
Title Doctor
Affiliation Bellevue Hospital
Saint Mark's Hospital
Mercy General Hospital
Occupation Physician
Status Alive
Actor Stephen Gregory
First Appearance "Sick"
Last Appearance "Hell"

Kyle Beresford is a physician who worked at Bellevue Hospital and Saint Mark's Hospital.

Previous patients Edit

Bellevue Hospital Edit

Saint Mark's Hospital Edit

  • Beresford examined Meredith Rice after she had a seizure. He determined that she needed immediate surgery because she had a brain tumor that was the size of a baseball. (SVU: "Head")

Mercy General Hospital Edit

  • Beresford found Janey Speer misusing a fertility drug. She nearly lost her ovaries due to complications.

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