Lance Brody
Name Lance Brody
Occupation Shipbuilder
Pathology Serial killer
Family Lena Brody (wife; deceased)
Claire Brody (daughter)
Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Status Executed
Actor Thomas G. Waites
First Appearance "A Murderer Among Us"

Lance Brody is an antisemitic serial killer. He is also the widower of Lena Brody and father of Claire Brody.


Brody was responsible for the murders of eight Jewish men over a period of seven years. Brody's pathological hatred of Jewish men stems from his belief that his mother had been raped by her Jewish boss, and that his father beat his mother because attacking his wife's boss would have cost him his job. In fact, this was a cover story to hide the fact that his mother had a consensual affair with her boss and was impregnated by him. Lena discovered what her husband was doing, and having recently discovered her own Jewish heritage, killed herself in such a way as to implicate Lance. When Robert Goren confronts him about his mother's deception and his and his daughter's Jewish heritage, he flew into a rage and implicated himself. He is arrested and executed for the murders. (CI: "A Murderer Among Us")

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