Laraine Farrell
Laraine Farrell
Name Laraine Farrell
Family Ned Worley
Judith Worley
Mark Farrell
Actor Dee Pelletier
First Appearance Conscience

Laraine Farrell was the wife of Mark Farrell and the daughter of Ned & Judith Worley.

She was in a persistent vegetative state after a heart attack in a New York State Park in 1996.

Prior to living in New York, she lived in New Orleans, Louisiana where she embezzled a large sum of money from a now defunct company. She secretly stashed it away in a trust fund.

It was discovered by Detectives Robert Goren and Alexandra Eames in 2004 that the attack triggering her condition was deliberately caused by her husband.

Not only that, but he arranged for the timing to be just right so that she would remain alive but be in a vegetative state.

This was so she would be unable to control her money, which her husband found out about. If she had died, the money would have gone to her son, thus her husband created his plan so he could control it.

She was the subject of an experiment conducted by Doctor Anna Ford, who believed that a vegetative state was simply another type of coma, and that it was possible for someone in such a state to communicate.

Even though the experiments performed before Ford's murder were inconclusive, Goren and Eames used her experiment to trick her husband into confessing to Ford's murder. (CI: "Conscience")

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