Larry King
Larry King
Name Larry King
Affiliation CNN
Occupation Television host
Family Shawn Southwick (wife)
7 ex-wives
Actor Himself
First Appearance Day

Larry King is a television host employed by CNN. He had his own television show on which he conducted interviews of various people involved with current events.

King interviewed Eleanor Duvall about the rape charges against her son, Gabriel. Duvall claimed that the allegations were false. (TBJ: "Day")

King also interviewed Lisa Willow Tyler, known as WeepingWillow17 on the Internet. She discussed her series of videos posted on YouLens about a fictional kidnapping and murder, which were designed to make her famous. What she did not expect was the death of a fellow actor from the blank of a prop gun. Nevertheless, she appeared on King's show to announce her involvement in a full-length feature film about her character. (CI: "Weeping Willow")

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