Lauren Cole
Name Lauren Cole
Occupation Student
Family Janice Cole (mother; deceased)
Unnamed father
Amelia Cole (sister)
Status Alive
Actor Natalie Racoosin
First Appearance "Beast's Obsession"

Lauren Cole is the eldest daughter of Dr. Janice Cole, William Lewis's prison doctor.


After Lewis escaped, he broke into their house and killed her mother. Lauren grabbed her father's gun and ran downstairs to confront him, but Lauren froze and Lewis took the gun from her. He then marched her into Amelia's room, tortured her with a cigarette, forced her to take off her clothes, and then raped her, all the while telling her to relay all of the details to Sergeant Benson. After he was done, he left her hanging from her closet in her underwear.

Lewis then proceeded to kidnap Amelia, and before he left, he told Lauren that Amelia will die unless Benson confesses "the truth". After the police arrive at the house, they find Lauren and lay her out on the bed as she asks if any of them is Benson. She is eventually escorted to the hospital and has surgery while the police wait outside. When Benson walks into the room with Lieutenant Declan Murphy and identifies herself, Lauren begs her to tell the truth. She then explains everything that happened to her while repeatedly begging Benson to admit the truth in order to save her sister. (SVU: "Beast's Obsession")