Lawrence Holt
Name Lawrence Holt
Occupation Piano teacher
Pathology Pedophile
Serial rapist
Serial child abuser
Child pornographer
Family Larry Holt, Jr. (son)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Kent Broadhurst
First Appearance "Nocturne"

Lawrence Holt is a child molester and child pornographer.

History Edit

Holt took interest in black boys and offered free piano lessons to the students in the neighborhood, insisting that he be alone with the child. He would often touch them inappropriately, hug them, or tackle them playfully. He recorded these sexual assaults on video. He molested his star pupil, Evan, from the time the latter is nine years old, and intimidates him into sexually abusing a little boy.

A concerned shopkeeper reported disturbing pictures of a boy undressing to Detectives Benson and Stabler. As Holt came to collect his pictures, he is arrested. The detectives find VHS tapes of Holt abusing his students. He was sentenced to up for 150 years in prison, and is eligible for parole in 38 years. (SVU: "Nocturne")

Known Victims Edit

  • Several unnamed boys (all sexually abused)
  • Evan (sexually abused repeatedly)
  • Unnamed boy (indirectly caused a traumatized Evan to sexually abuse him)

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