Leon Tate
Leon Tate during interrogation
Name Leon Tate
Pathology Repeat offender
Registered sex offender
Serial arsonist
Family Alva Tate (mother)
Status Deceased
Actor Dorian Missick
First Appearance "Rooftop"

Leon Tate was a registered sex offender.


Leon had eleven arrests, nine of which were for arson, and no convictions prior to his thirteenth birthday. As a child, he tortured animals and set fires. He served five years in prison for sodomizing underage girls. While in prison, he was diagnosed as a sociopath.

Two weeks after his release, Leon, who tested positive for the HIV virus, was arrested by Detectives Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler before he and a fourteen-year-old girl would have sex on a rooftop.

He was charged with attempted statutory rape, but the charges were later dropped due to a lack of evidence.

Leon was also a suspect in multiple rapes and murders, but just as he was about to be arrested for attempting to have sex with another underage girl, he succumbed to a drug overdose and died. The real perpetrator, Malik "King" Harris, was later identified, arrested, and executed for the crimes. (SVU: "Rooftop")

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