Leon Vorgitch
Leon Vorgitch
Name Leon Vorgitch
Occupation Criminal
Pathology Double mass murderer
Spree killer
School shooter
Double cop killer
Family Delores Vorgitch (mother)
Carl Vorgitch (brother)
Unnamed son
Status Deceased
Actor Craig Walker
First Appearance "Deadlock"

Leon Wayne Vorgitch was a double mass murderer.


Vorgitch was convicted of murdering five people in a burger joint in 1997, in what was known as the "Midtown Massacre". He had received three death sentences, but after the death penalty was declared unconstitutional, he was removed from death row and transferred to Green Haven Correctional Facility, where he would serve a life sentence without the possibility of parole.


Leon was about to begin serving his life sentence when he escaped custody by slipping his handcuffs off and fatally stabbing the two guards transporting him. He then visits a former cellmate, hoping to get a gun from him, and is redirected to a gun dealer, who he kills and steals a .45 handgun from.

After a massive manhunt, Detective Ed Green was able to locate him, and gave chase. Leon then entered an elementary school and took a classroom hostage. When the NYPD arrived at the scene, he ordered them to leave the immediate area and threatened to kill everyone in the room. The police began to comply, but the backfire of a truck caused Leon to follow through on his threat, thinking the police were shooting at him. He shot four students before being taken into custody afterward.

At his bail hearing, Leon made threats against Connie Rubirosa and threatened to escape once again. He was later locked up in a super-maximum security federal penitentiary pending trial. When offered a chance to plead guilty, he turned it down, claiming that they couldn't do any more to him than they did already. He knew that while the death penalty was legal, a recent court ruling barred the manner in which it was applied, effectively making it illegal.

When being led from the courthouse another time, he was shot and killed by Robert Purcell, the father of one of Leon's victims in the manhunt. Robert claimed that he was merely carrying out the sentence that everyone wanted. It was later found that his attorney Dena Carter informed him of the exact time at which Leon would be there, so she could take Robert's case and use it as a campaign issue. (L&O: Deadlock)

Known Victims

  • 1997: The burger joint massacre:
    • Chris Garvey (killed)
    • Four unnamed people (all killed)
    • Mia Alvarez (attempted; non-fatally shot through the neck)
  • 2006:
    • Corrections Officers Alfonso Ruiz and Bennie Williams (both stabbed)
    • Skinny (a gun dealer; stabbed and stole one of his guns)
    • The elementary school standoff and massacre:
      • Megan Purcell (killed)
      • Three unnamed students (all killed)
      • The unnamed schoolteacher (killed)
      • Eleven unnamed students (all held hostage)