Babs protests with her sisters

Babs Duffy leads a group of women to SVU accusing them of neglecting the death of a lesbian woman.

LesBeStrong is a militant lesbian rights group. The group is fronted by a woman named Babs Duffy, whose hostility towards authority and protest style is reminiscent of Reverend Al Sharpton.


Babs and her organization have been known to accuse people of prejudice and bigotry against lesbians, in many cases without evidence. The organization has been notable for being concerned only on the rights of lesbians and not bisexuals, transgender people, and those questioning their sexuality. Their most recent campaign is against the New York City Police Department, including the Special Victims Unit, who they've accused of neglecting the rape and murder of a lesbian woman named Alisa Davies. Davies was the lover of a woman named Sharon Harris, a bouncer at a lesbian bar called the "Kitty Korner" and the leader of Big Apple Aggressives (a militant lesbian gang known for being excessively masculine).

Eventually, Babs comes out as bisexual herself and opens membership to everyone, with ambitions to really fight for lesbians, bisexuals, transgender people, and the like. She also apologizes to SVU for her antagonistic behavior towards them, and they assure her that she can consider them her allies. (SVU: P.C.)

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