Leslie Adams
Name Leslie Adams
Affiliation The Justice League
Pathology Vigilante
Status Alive
Actor Hani Furstenberg
First Appearance "Street Revenge"

Leslie Adams is a woman who joined a local vigilante group to stop a string of rapes and ended up being raped by a fellow vigilante member, Stuart Andrews, who turned out to be the rapist.


When Leslie first met Stuart in a comic book store he worked at he told her that the city was a dangerous place but she did't believe him. When a string of rapes start occurring, Stuart tells Leslie about a vigilante group he is part of called "The Justice League" and she joins the group under the alias "Fantastica". She and other members of the vigilante group later beat a young man named Andy, who was trying to imitate the serial rapist. While on a rooftop with Stuart, he finds out that Leslie is having an affair with a married man named Henry and she is hit in the head with a brick and raped.

When she wakes up in the hospital, Detective Benson tells her that she was raped, much to her shock. When Benson reprimands her for being a vigilante, Leslie accuses her and the NYPD of being ineffective, but Benson reminds her that the vigilantism hasn't stopped the rapes either. When the detectives tell her that they suspect Henry of being the rapist, she tells them that he wouldn't do such a thing and that he was with her during one of the rapes. Later, the detectives tell Leslie that Stuart was the rapist and that he was doing it to be closer to her. As a result, she leaves the Justice League. (SVU: "Street Revenge")

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