Leslie Connolly
Name Leslie Connolly
Occupation Graphic novel author
Video game designer
Status Alive
Actor Griffin Matthews
First Appearance "Glasgowman's Wrath"
Last Appearance "Intimidation Game"

Leslie Connolly is the author of the graphic novel called "The Glasgowman".


He originally worked as a babysitter for Perry Gilbert. Eventually he met a homeless man named Charles Dorsey and wrote a graphic novel based on his life and told the story to Perry as a horror story. To this end he created a drawings and even drew a map where Charles usually was.

On SVUEdit

Unfortunately, Perry took the story too seriously and convinced her best friend Mia to take her sister Zoe out to where "Glasgowman" was and stab Zoe to frame him. When the police arrived to question him he told them everything he knew and eventually it was revealed that the girls stabbed Zoe. (SVU: "Glasgowman's Wrath")

Because of the publicity he was able to turn Glasgowman into a video game and saw Detectives Tutuola, Rollins and Carisi at a video game conference. Later when a female employee of a woman game designer was sexually assaulted he points the detectives to her location. He later shows them a blog they were using to brag about it. Sergeant Benson then decides to use Leslie as bait to draw them out. Leslie initially refuses but they use the Son of Sam law to change his mind. They arrive and police arrest them for the assault. (SVU: "Intimidation Game")

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