The Lion's Rock is a pub on Second Avenue in Manhattan that receives considerable business from lawyers and cops. Back in 2002, when she was working on the Jennifer Burnham murder and still getting over the death of her husband, Detective Alexandra Eames was known to frequent the Lion's Rock in the company of then-rising ADA Kevin Mulrooney; one of the bartenders said Eames was partial to bourbon on the rocks, while Mulrooney preferred white wine. Though Eames has admitted that she came very close to propositioning Mulrooney during those days, things soured between them after defendant Boz Burnham was acquitted for his wife's murder. This led to a public outcry, and the Manhattan District Attorney's office responded by demoting Mulrooney. He blamed Eames for the acquittal, claiming that she had caused the only eyewitness to the crime to second-guess herself, and years later, he attempted to get revenge by impersonating her and killing Burnham so that she would be forced to fight off allegations. (CI: "Lady's Man")