The following is a collection of addresses as they appear in Law & Order.

List of addressesEdit

Address What Occupies It Episodes
3 Police Plaza Property Clerk Division The Blue Wall
3 Sutton Place Ned Loomis' Apartment Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die
5 E. 121st Street Alicia & Lucy Rivers Apt. The Secret Sharers
6 E. 75th Street Residence of the late Karl & Evelyn Jarmon The Serpent's Tooth
9th Street & 7th Avenue New York Ledger The Torrents of Greed (1)
15 West 40th Street Cutrona's Apartment The Violence of Summer
20th & Lexington Filmore Hotel The Torrents of Greed (1)
28 East 57th The Celeste Foxx Agency Skin Deep
36th & 12th Street County General Hospital Heaven
40 East 92nd Street Apartment 8A By Hooker, By Crook
44 E.121st Street Harlem Wig Factory A Death in the Family
47 Central Park West Ezra's Coffee Shop Asylum
75 St. and Fifth Ave. Embassy Row The Serpent's Tooth
92 W.80th Street Elaine Hale's Apartment Sonata for Solo Organ
99 West 77th Street Home of Ted and Nancy Driscoll God Bless the Child
103 West 111th Street Dr. Kornfield's Offices The Violence of Summer
124th St.and Lennox Ave. Doris Carver Apartment Poison Ivy
144 East 48th Street Apartment of Harold Dwyer Silence
165 Cornelia Street Spivak Grocery The Torrents of Greed (1)
171 1/2 Canal Street Apartment of Sean Hyland His Hour Upon the Stage
185 Central Park West Residence of Mr. & Mrs. Harv Beigal The Torrents of Greed (2)
201 Pell Street Chong's Far East Traders Intolerance
235 Varwick Street Jarmon Printing Co. The Serpent's Tooth
265 Varick Street Peter Coyle's Apartment Severance
266 Flatbrush Avenue Office of James Vogel Silence
268 Clarkson Street Zalta's Import-Export The Torrents of Greed (1)
280 Warren Street Federal Detention Center The Troubles
282 West 59th Street Dr. Gregg's Office Prisoner of Love
300 Washington Street Saint Mark's Hospital The Torrents of Greed (1)
302 West 41st Street Nature First Garden Supply Life Choice
315 Jacobs Place Winter's apartment Mushrooms
315 Jameson Place Apartment of Edward & Janice Kay Mushrooms
322 West 45th Street Office of Peter Colson Silence
325 West 82nd Street, Apartment of Irv Isaacson Renunciation
373 East 20th Street Manhattan Psychiatric Hospital Skin Deep
401 East 44th Street Henry Rothman's Office Prisoner of Love
408 West 74th Street St. Teresa's Hospital Star Struck
419 Garfield Palace Apartment of James Vogel Silence
422 Henderson Place The Home of Mr. and Mrs Donovan Life Choice
428 E. 113th Street St. Julian's Church The Secret Sharers
438 Hester St Crescent Market The Troubles
445 West 80th Street Apartment of Andrea Fermi Out of Control
450 Hubert St McBride's Tavern The Troubles
455 W. 14th Street Mario's Restaurant His Hour Upon the Stage
506 E.32nd Street .38 Special Bar Poison Ivy
506 East 57th Street Stanley Hotel By Hooker, By Crook
523 West 92nd Street Theta House Out of Control
533 E. 66th Street Offices of Gay Men Allied Against AIDS
Paige Bartlett's


The Reaper's Helper
Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die
536 Lafayette Street Marcos Securities Heaven
556 Madison Avenue Newton & Co. Jewelry The Wages of Love
573 7th Avenue The Wendall Building The Fertile Fields
573 East 30th Street Borland Residence Intolerance
585 West 80th Church of All Saints God Bless the Child
610 West 86th Street Reichian Therapy League Indifference
615 Central Park West Rudy Scelza's Apartment
Residence of Elizabeth Hendrick
Prisoner of Love
627 W. 57th Paradise Lost Bar The Reaper's Helper
654 East 76th Street Wellsmith Prep School Renunciation
685 W. 17th Street Jovino's Gun Shop A Death in the Family
708 W. 86th Street Coopers Bar Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die
712 W. 39th Street Academy of Dramatic Arts Aria
718 Penrose, Fort Lee, NJ Home of Doris Keegan In Memory Of...
745 West 135th Street Club Del Mundo Heaven
780 West 24th Street Aunt Dee's Bar Renunciation
799 Sackett Street G.A.I.W. Union Hall The Working Stiff
805 W.112th St. Crawford Apartment Out of the Half-Light
819 East 8th Street Construction Site Cradle to Grave
843 3rd Avenue Melanie Cullen's Apartment The Wages of Love
1013 1st Avenue Corman Equities Cradle to Grave
1121 West End Ave Janet Ralston's Apartment Happily Ever After
1546 Ave. Of The Americas Yardarm Pub Everybody's Favorite Bagman
1998 Riverside Drive P.S.415 Indifference
2196 1st Avenue Amsterdam Hospital Sonata for Solo Organ
2543 6th Avenue The Summit Hill Club Misconception
4150 Vernon Boulevard Apartment of Charlayne Ward Cradle to Grave
4236 3rd Avenue Genuine Life & Casualty In Memory Of...
4925 5th Avenue Office of Dr. Gluck Misconception
Woodleigh Park Ave.& 73rd Street Offices of Mr. Philip Sonata for Solo Organ

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