The following is a collection of addresses as they appear in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

List of addressesEdit

Address What Occupies It Episodes
1 Police Plaza Computer Crimes Unit Secrets
7 East 16th Street All Due Restraint Stocks & Bondage
7 West 36th Street The Laszlo Agency ...Or Just Look Like One
11 Astor Place Arnold & Schreiber C.P.A. Contact
12 Central Park South The Park Sheridan Hotel Taken
14 East 78th Street Apartment of Katya Ivanova Russian Love Poem
14 Prince Street Le Poeme Closure (Part I)
22 West 47th Street Shaked Diamonds Stocks & Bondage
27 Laight Street Apartment of Adam Harlin Russian Love Poem
29 East 47th Street Office of Brad Weber/Mondregan Weber Investments Misleader
37 10th Avenue Parisi Studios ...Or Just Look Like One
40 Beekman Place Home of Ricki Austin And Jared Black Abuse
43 West 44th Street Ralliston Hotel Misleader
43 West 71st Street 71st Street Meeting House Limitations
46 Whitehall Street Whedon & Mayfield Insurance Company Taken
49 East 28th Street Millennial Investigations Limitations
60 East 74th Street Home of Andrew & Christina Harlin Russian Love Poem
60 Lafayette Street Manhattan Family Court Abuse
63 West 88th Street Apartment of Chris Lyons Honor
72 Cedar Street Dupree Investment Group Payback
72 Pine Street Taft State Bank Stalked
79 Riverside Drive Residence of Judge Rothman Nocturne
79 West 55th Street Eastern Health Services Limitations
85 Washington Park Residence of Rey Guzimano Nocturne
87 Delancy Street Tong's Donuts Stalked
88-07 153rd Avenue Dawson's Photo Studio Countdown
99 West 54th Street Il Posto Vecchio A Single Life
101 Moore Street Apartment of Harper Anderson Closure (Part I)
103 Willow Street Amsterdam Apartments Wrong Is Right
106 Linwood Street Apartment of Bill Turbit Uncivilized
107 West 97th Street Hudson Free Clinic Legacy
108 Suffolk Street Apartment of Trent Moss Victims
112 Mott Street Apartment of Vanessa Wong ...Or Just Look Like One
121 West 74th Street Apartment of Louise Billings Stalked
124 East 26th Street Apartment of Lois Creen Limitations
125 West 24th Street New Vision Endowment Stocks & Bondage
126 East 38th Street Barology Contact
130 West 31st Street Miro Venture Capital Closure (Part II)
131 West 115th Street Apartment of "P.K." Remorse
132 East 84th Street Apartment of Stanley and Pauline Brecker Entitled
140 East 63rd Street Barbizon Hotel Stocks & Bondage
142 East 63rd Street Versailles Hotel Misleader
143 East 8th Street The Turkish Baths Russian Love Poem
154 William Street Administration for Children's Services Legacy
167-31 Crossbay Boulevard Aladdin's Party Supplies Countdown
172 West 25th Street Nash Residence Noncompliance
172 Williams Street NYU Downtown Hospital ...Or Just Look Like One
173 Fifth Avenue Radial Velocity, Inc. Wrong Is Right
175 West 21st Street Apartment of Jimmy Walp The Third Guy
185 East 112th Street Pauly's Diner Nocturne
192 Riverside Drive Apartment of Richard White Stalked
201 Rivington School Douglas MacArthur High School Secrets
203 Leonard Street Apartment of Jane Tyler Closure (Part I)
207 West 95th Street Apartment of Constanta Condrescu Slaves
211 East 24th Street Home of Cyrus Parker Asunder
222 Prince Street Flings Secrets
224 East 76th Street Apartment of Amy Tanner Stocks & Bondage
225 Kingsbridge Avenue Triborough Bakery Paranoia
239 Bleecker Street As the Vinyl Turns Wanderlust
240 E. 12th Street St. James Church Secrets
240 Willow Street, Home of David Marolo Chat Room
243 East 4th Street Apartment of Johnny Schmidt The Third Guy
247 E. 25th Street Douglas Residence Countdown
248 East 54th Street Air Bucharest Executive Offices Slaves
259 East 76th Street Home of Steven Hale Bad Blood
260 East 76th Street Morrow Veterinary Clinic Slaves
263 Holland Street Home of Doris Harrington Chat Room
263 West 75th Street Apartment of Gina Silver Disrobed
277 E. 19th Street Cabrini Medical Center Taken
299 East 65th Street Kraft International Electronics Limitations
300 St. Marks Place Apartment of Benjy Dowe Closure (Part I)
313 Delancey Street Delancey Arms Hotel Taken
314 Pleasant Avenue Apartment of Mark Krieger Remorse
317 W. 93rd Street Apartment of Charles and Jeanne Guzek Countdown
329 East 66th Street The Greenbriar School Legacy
336 West 30th Street Postal Medic ...Or Just Look Like One
340 West 95th Street Apartment of Josh Branson Victims
346 West 38th Street Starland Hotel Nocturne
356 West 19th Street Sandomir Residence Noncompliance
365 East 68th Street Professional Licensing Services ...Or Just Look Like One
400 Wall Street Office of Randall McKenna Legacy
422 East 64th Street Mission of Brunei Darussalam Legacy
432 West 48th Street Clean Machine Laundromat Limitations
445 West 9th Street Smitty's Inner City Meats Victims
450 Hudson Place Apartment of Hampton Trill ...Or Just Look Like One
452 State Street State Street Clinic Victims
462 First Avenue Bellevue Hospital Secrets
465 Dyckman Street The Tavern Uncivilized
465 West 47th Street Welton Apartments Remorse
500 Wall Street Kershaw, Naughton & DeVoy Hysteria
501 Convent Street St. Raymond's University Sophomore Jinx
507 Cooper Street Home of Terry & Linda Davies Uncivilized
511 E. 93rd Street Apartment of David Russo Abuse
515 West 22nd Street Apartment of "Bull Dozer" Russian Love Poem
520 West 69th Street Moral Coalition Bad Blood
527 West 26th Street Privacy First Mail Services ...Or Just Look Like One
530 West 110th Street Home of Sylvia Walp The Third Guy
546 West 26th Street Tiburon Auto Repair ...Or Just Look Like One
552 E. 81st Street Child Advocates Center Of Manhattan Countdown
569 W. 124th Street Lorenzo Storage Paranoia
579 First Avenue New York Children's Hospital Abuse
586 4th Street Home of Melissa Raye Chat Room
590 West 16th Street Stephen Foster High School The Third Guy
599 W. 53rd Street Hi-Frequency Studios Abuse
626 11th Avenue Landmark Tavern Hysteria
626 E. 83rd Street The Crestborne School Abuse
648 West 23rd Street Fast Stop Market Noncompliance
652 West 24th Street Win-Mick Auto Repair Victims
660 West 84th Street McKenna Residence Legacy
668 Madison Avenue Office of Dr. Bennett Alston Secrets
700 Fifth Avenue Peninsula Hotel Russian Love Poem
700 West 48th Street Clinton Community Center Hysteria
704 W. 23rd Street Chelsea Athletic Club Pixies
705 West 44th Street The New York Ledger A Single Life
712 East 56th Street Fellowes & Kinsolving Payback
719 Third Avenue Apartment of Saleh and Aziza Amir Honor
725 Hillside Avenue Brice Residence Pixies
726 West 49th Street Thorpe Palace Hotel Taken
727 East 86th Street The Black Pearl A Single Life
760 Fifth Avenue Ecstasy Spa Russian Love Poem
765 West 42nd Street Teas of the World Hysteria
787 Broadway Office of Dean Woodruff Entitled
790 10th Avenue Arbell's Restaurant And Lounge Chat Room
842 West End Avenue Home of Anne Briggs Stocks & Bondage
853 Fort Washington Avenue Home of Rachel & Christopher James Uncivilized
860 West 118th Street Apartment of Denny Corea Legacy
911 East 72nd Street Office of Dr. Mark Daniels A Single Life
1250 East 72nd Street Sarajevo Restaurant Payback
1333 Avenue of the Americas Martin Global Fund, Inc. Stocks & Bondage
1630 Lexington Avenue Home of Mrs. Dorothea Strada Baby Killer
1718 Amsterdam Avenue Kollege Keg Bar Consent
2000 Avenue of the Americas Durst Publishing Wanderlust
2001 East 9th Street Home of Annabel & Virginia Hayes Wanderlust
5890 Park Avenue Petrie's Jewelers Pixies

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