The following is an unofficial list of episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent that have been ripped from the headlines.

Season 1

Ep# Episode Title Real Life Incident(s)/Case(s)
3 Smothered The Patricia Margello case.
6 The Extra Man The Christophe Rocancourt case.
7 Poison
8 The Pardoner's Tale Ripped from the pages of the book The Pardoner's Tale’’.
9 The Good Doctor The Gail Bierenbaum case.
11 The Third Horseman The murder of abortion provider Barnett Slepian at the hands of religious fanatic James Charles Kopp.
16 Phantom The Jean-Claude Romand case.
19 Maledictus The Robert Durst case.
21 Faith The Kaycee Nicole hoax case.
22 Tuxedo Hill The Enron scandal.

Season 2

Ep# Episode Title Real Life Incident(s)/Case(s)
1 Dead The 2002 Tri-State Crematory scandal.
2 Bright Boy The Justin Chapman case.
3 Anti-Thesis
  • Based on the real-life squabble between Harvard University president Lawrence Summers and African-American Studies professor Cornel West.
6 Malignant The Robert Ray Courtney case.
10 Con-Text The Lisa McPherson case.
11 Baggage The Susan Taraskiewicz case.
15 Monster
17 Cold Comfort
23 A Person of Interest

Season 3

Ep# Episode Title Real Life Incident(s)/Case(s)
1 Undaunted Mettle Based of the life story of Louis Kahn.
5 Pravda The Jayson Blair plagiarism scandal.
8 Sound Bodies
9 Happy Family The Ted Ammon case.
13 Pas de Deux The death of Brian Douglas Wells.
14 Mis-Labeled
  • The Travenol pharmaceutical company scandal.
  • The Armour pharmaceutical company scandal.
16 The Saint The Mark Hofmann case.
20 D.A.W. The Dr. Harold Shipman case.

Season 4

Ep# Episode Title Real Life Incident(s)/Case(s)
1 Semi-Detached Inspired by the well-known personalities of Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh, and Spalding Gray.
3 Want
5 Eosphoros The Madalyn Murray O'Hair case.
7 Magnificat The Andrea Yates case.
8 Silver Lining The Blaine Nordahl case.
9 Inert Dwarf Based on the recent controversy involving famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking and the unauthorized use of the "theory of everything".
11 Gone Based on the life of chess master Bobby Fischer.
14 Sex Club Based on the lives of actress Jeri Ryan and her ex-husband Jack Ryan.
17 Shibboleth The Dennis Rader (a.k.a. "The BTK Killer") case.
19 Beast The Dr. Barton Corbin case.
21 The Unblinking Eye The Nicole duFresne case.
22 My Good Name The Bernie Kerik scandal.
23 False-Hearted Judges The Matthew Hale case.

Season 5

Ep# Episode Title Real Life Incident(s)/Case(s)
3 Prisoner The Bobbi Parker case.
4 Unchained The Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa case.
5 Acts of Contrition The Howard Beach racial incident.
6-7 In the Wee Small Hours (Part 1)/
In the Wee Small Hours (Part 2)
The Natalee Holloway case.
11 Slither The Charles Sobhraj case.
13 Proud Flesh Based on the life of Wendi Deng Murdoch
14 Wasichu
15 Wrongful Life
16 Dramma Giocoso The Helen Mintiks case.
21 On Fire The 2006 Alabama church fires.
22 The Good The Thomas Kinkade fraud suit.

Season 6

Ep# Episode Title Real Life Incident(s)/Case(s)
2 Tru Love
3 Siren Call
6 Masquerade The murder of JonBenét Ramsey and the 2006 confession by John Mark Karr.
7 Country Crossover The 2006 Lizzie Grubman scandal.
9 Blasters Based around actor Dustin Diamond’s monetary woes.
10 Weeping Willow Based on the Lonelygirl15 hoax.
12 Privilege The Anthony Dryden Marshall abuse accusation involving Brooke Astor.
13 Albatross Based on the scandal involving Al and Jeanine Pirro.
15 Brother's Keeper The Ted Haggard scandal.
16 30 The Alexander Litvinenko case.
19 Rocket Man The Lisa Nowak case.
20 Bombshell Based around the deaths of Anna Nicole Smith and her first son, Daniel Wayne Smith.
21 Endgame The William Richard Bradford case.

Season 7

Ep# Episode Title Real Life Incident(s)/Case(s)
2 Seeds The Dr. Cecil Jacobson case.
3 Smile Based on the 2007 Chinese imported dental products scandal, which was found contaminated with diethylene glycol worldwide.
6 Courtship Based on the then-ongoing series of events involving the divorce between celebrities Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger.
7 Self-made Based on the scandal involving James Frey’s popular memoir A Million Little Pieces.
8 Offense The 2006 Duke lacrosse case.
10 Senseless The Shahid Baskerville case.
14 Assassin The assassination of Benazir Bhutto.
16 Reunion Based on the life of musician Pete Townshend, and the 2003 scandal surrounding his alleged possession of Internet child pornography.
17 Vanishing Act Based on the tricks used by illusionists Criss Angel and David Blaine.

Season 8

Ep# Episode Title Real Life Incident(s)/Case(s)
7 Folie à Deux
9 Family Values The John List (a.k.a. "The Boogeyman of Westfield") case.
16 Revolution Inspired by the financial crisis of 2007–08 and the Bernie Madoff scheme.

Season 9

Ep# Episode Title Real Life Incident(s)/Case(s)
1-2 Loyalty (Part 1)/Loyalty (Part 2) Based on attacks by Somalian pirates off the coast of Somolia.
4 Delicate The Pauline Parker/Juliet Hulme case.
15 Inhumane Society Based on the Bad Newz Kennels dog fighting investigation case, which involved Michael Vick.

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