Lori Purcell
Lori Purcell
Name Lori Purcell
Affiliation Carlotta Francis Society
Pathology Con artist
Proxy Murderer
Status Deceased
Actor Kim Director
First Appearance Collective

Lori Purcell was a con artist who targeted obsessive collectors and fans, pretending to love them in order to convince them to part with valuable collectables. She first appeared on the radar of the Major Case Squad after her toy-collecting ex-boyfriend, Arnold Pierce, was shot by police who mistakenly believed he had just shot his girlfriend. Goren and Eames later discover that Lori had tricked the officers into shooting Arnie, who had discovered Lori's theft of his prized toy robot. At that time, she was dating Dorian Cavanaugh, a fan of Carlotta Francis vampire books who had managed to get his hands on a set of Francis first editions. She developed genuine feelings for Cavanaugh, but nevertheless continued to scam him. When she, in the guise of Jocelyn Shapiro, convinced Cavanaugh to give her the books to be appraised by an antique dealer, Dorian began to realize he was being conned. Angry with her, he trapped her in a wooden coffin with dry ice, where she died of asphyxiation. (CI: "Collective")

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