Lorraine Cobin
Lorraine Cobin
Name Lorraine Cobin
Pathology Proxy murderer
Family Alan Cobin (second husband; deceased)
Melissa Cobin (daughter)
Unnamed sister-in-law
Status Executed
Actor Cathy Moriarty
First Appearance "For Love or Money"

Lorraine Cobin (née Strickland) was a wealthy widow and a suspect in the murders of her second husband, wealthy businessman Alan Cobin, and Ronald Buck, a career criminal, who killed Alan.

Although she was cleared of the felony murder charge in Buck's death, after the detectives recorded a conversation between her and her daughter Melissa, she was later arrested for murder for hire in the death of her husband, as she hired Buck to murder Alan to inherit his millions.

Her daughter, who was also implicated in Buck's murder, was subsequently cleared of all charges.

She was tried, convicted, and executed, whilst all of her money was left to her daughter, her sole living relative.

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