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Lorraine Dillon

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Lorraine Dillon
Name Lorraine Dillon
Pathology Con artist
Family April Troost (daughter)
Douglas McManus (first ex-husband)
Five unnamed ex-husbands
Sarah Mason (granddaughter)
Unnamed grandson (deceased)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Lynda Carter
First Appearance SVU: "Design"
Last Appearance L&O: "Flaw"

Lorraine Dillon is a criminal mastermind, con artist, and mother to April Troost.

History Edit

Lorraine arrived at Special Victims Unit saying that she was Aprils mother. Detectives say that April said that Lorraine died of breast cancer and had a different name. Lorraine replies that April always had a problem with the truth. Through further talking, Lorraine mentions a safe deposit box belonging to April. In the box are pictures of men, including her alleged rapist, to which Lorraine responds, shocked, why she would have a picture of him. Lorraine confronts her daughter later on. Furious about what April has done, she pleads for the location of the baby, to which April leaves, laughing. A deal with the DA makes April reveal that Lorraine is leaving New York with her baby. Lorraine scores a free ticket after lying, but is confronted by Benson and Stabler. Lorraine is shocked at first, but soon is smug and hands over the baby, revealing that she was an accomplice to April's evil crimes. April later turns on her mother and Lorraine is incarcerated.

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