Lucy Huston
Lucy huston
Name Lucy Huston
Occupation Babysitter
Actor Bronwyn Reed
First Appearance "Girls Disappeared"

Lucy Huston is the babysitter for Noah Porter-Benson.


Lucy is first seen taking Noah to a park for some fresh air when Benson calls asking where they are. She is later targeted as a part of a set of hits connected to Benson's case, but she and Noah manage to escape unharmed. (SVU: "Girls Disappeared")

She continued to care for Noah and helps Benson taking care of him on a daily basis. She later rushes Noah to the ER for unknown reasons. (SVU: "Producer's Backend")

Lucy is seen by Benson's side as they check Noah's vitals and Benson tells Lucy to go home and to get some rest while Benson finds some relief. (SVU: "Holden's Manifesto")

When Noah's case worker, Chantal, filed a motion for Noah to be removed from Benson's care, Lucy sits beside Benson as both sides make their cases. (SVU: "Pattern Seventeen")

Lucy holds Noah in her arms as Benson leaves to go on an undercover assignment. (SVU: "Undercover Mother")

After Benson was officially allowed to adopt Noah, she is seen celebrating with Benson and her friends and colleagues at her apartment. (SVU: "Surrendering Noah")

Lucy takes Noah to see Benson at the precinct and Benson says good bye to both of them. (SVU: "Devil's Dissections")

Lucy is seen going to pick up Luca Crivello for school, but his mother, Lisa, sends her away under suspicious circumstances. Lucy later arrives at Benson's apartment to look after Noah and Lucy mentions this to her and Benson agrees to take a look. When Lucy doesn't hear from Benson she sends her a text asking about Noah's day care pick up. When Lucy reads her reply she immediately rushes over to her precinct and informs Detective Sonny Carisi about the situation. After he sees the text he realizes Benson is in danger because she covertly mentions William Lewis. Sonny immediately shows the text to everyone else and they eventually find Benson is being held hostage along with the Crivellos and everyone is eventually rescued. (SVU: "Townhouse Incident")


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