Luke Dixon
Name Luke Dixon
Occupation Office manager
Pathology Serial rapist
Family Unborn child
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Michael Kelly
First Appearance Confrontation

Luke Dixon is a serial rapist. He raped his victims repeatedly and collected their urine every time so he could get them pregnant and know about it. His intention was to conceive a child so he could start a "master race" after he became dissatisfied with how birth defects, genetic diseases, and sub-intelligence was generally accepted by the public.

He was imprisoned for life following his confession to the rapes. (SVU: "Confrontation")

Known VictimsEdit

  • Raped fifteen unnamed women repeatedly prior to being suspected by authorities
  • 2006:
    • Celeste Mott (first rape occurred on May 24; second rape occurred on June 16)
    • Gina Maylor (first rape occurred on July 19; second rape occurred on July 30; third rape occurred on August 18; later committed suicide as a result of the emotional trauma)
    • Megan Carlisle (raped on August 21 and impregnated)
    • Elizabeth Hassenback (first rape occurred on October 7; second rape occurred on October 22; killed by blunt-force trauma when she confronted him after the second rape)
    • Detective Dani Beck (assaulted)

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