Lynne Riff
Lynne Riff
Name Lynne Riff
Title Defense attorney
Occupation Attorney
Status Alive
Actor Blair Brown
First Appearance "Mean"
Last Appearance "Outcry"

Lynne Riff is a Defense Attorney.

Riff defended Paige Summerbee when she was charged with the murder of Emily Sullivan. Riff worked together with Roger Kressler, because his client, Andrea Kent, was charged for the same offence. Summerbee and Kent were convicted for the murder. (SVU: "Mean")

Riff later represented Channel 3 News reporter Lawrence Ulman when SVU tried to take custody of a tape of a rape victim named Tandi McCain. Riff argued she isn't a victim and since the tape was legally obtained it the News Station shouldn't have to turn it over because the public has a right to know. The judge agrees, but allows the police to take it for 24 hours to authenticate the tape was recorded on the night she was raped and not another day. (SVU: "Outcry")


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