Macie-Lynn Pearce
Macie-Lynn Pearce
Name Macie-Lynn Pearce
Affiliation Orion Bay clothing line
Occupation Stylist
Pathology Con artist
Status Alive
Actor Patricia Noonan
First Appearance American Disgrace

Macie-Lynn Pearce is a woman who was paid by Orion Bauer to make false accusations of rape against basketball star Shakir Wilkins.


Macie and Shakir once had consensual sex. After they were done, Bauer told her that he would pay her if she accused Shakir of rape. After seeing Carla attack Shakir on the news, she goes to the Atlanta Police Department and makes the accusations. APD then calls [[[Rollins]] to take her statement and Macie tells the detective she was raped. Fin then video-chats with Macie to tell her that she will need to testify.

In court, she tells the jury that she was raped. During Calhoun's cross-examination, she claims that the reason she did not tell anyone was for fear that she would be blamed. When Tiana admits that she, Macie, and Carla lied, Macie is brought in for questioning. During the interrogation, Fin and Rollins tell her to be truthful and that she would not get in trouble if she made a mistake. Macie, in a fit of fury, claims that Tiana is lying. When it is revealed that she and the other girls were lying, the rape charges against Shakir are dropped, but Macie is never charged for making false accusations. (SVU: "American Disgrace")

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