Madison Baker
Name Madison Baker
Family Ivy Baker (mother)
Matt Baker (uncle)
Status Alive
Actor Madison Grace
First Appearance Agent Provocateur

Madison Baker is a fifteen-year-old fan of Scott Russo who had sex with an adult movie stare named Skye Adderson.


When her mother goes to Atlantic City with friends Madison stays with her uncle. While chatting with Scott Russo on social media Madison is invited to a party by him, she tells her uncle she is going to see Wicked. When she gets to the party she and Scott have drinks together and they even share a kiss but when Scott finds out that she is fifteen he goes back to his hotel room. Madison follows him to his room and he gives her a kiss but he then tells her that she is to young for him and he closes the door. She wonders in the hallway crying and wonders into Russo's co-star Skye Adderson who invites her into his room. While in Adderson's room Madison and him have more drinks and she takes some pills, they have sex but the pills cause her to have a drug overdose. Adderson panics and calls his manager Lebasi who has him put Madison in a suitcase and he leaves her in an ally.

When she wakes up in the hospital Benson and Amaro tell her she was sexually assaulted and question her about what happened but she was unable to remamber what happened. Eventually her mother Ivy comes and asks what happened when the detectives tell her they know Scott Russo invited her to the party Ivy Baker tells them that Madison is a huge fan of Scott Russo, Ivy then asks her daughter if Scott had sex with her Madison still does't remember everything but reveals that she had drinks and that she and Russo kissed, Ivy then tells the detectives to arrest Russo. When the detectives bring Madison and Ivy in to ask more questions Madison tells them that she and Scott had sex but that she was't raped and that she's in love with him.

When Russo is arrested Madison finally tells her mother and then the detectives that Russo and her did't have sex and that it was Skye Adderson who she had sex with when Olivia Benson asks her why she did't tell them earlier she tells them that it's because she did't wan't Scott Russo to know she "cheated" on him. Eventually the detectives trick Skye Adderson into confessing and both he and Lebasi are arrested for what they did to Madison. When Scott Russo is released he gives a speech about what happened to him to his fans, one of whom is Madison. (SVU: "Agent Provocateur")

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