"Making a Rapist"
SVU, Episode 18.02
Production number: 18002
First aired: 28 September 2016
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Written By
Kevin Fox

Directed By
Michael Pressman

Summary Edit

After 16 years in prison, a convicted rapist is released from prison due to newly tested DNA evidence. But only a day later, Detective Tutuola is called to the scene of a shocking crime and will need to investigate the whereabouts of the man he arrested years ago.

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Quotes Edit

Fin Tutuola: I'm good. Bad guy went down, that's all that matters.
Olivia Benson: Well, if you ever feel like talking...
Fin: Talking's overrated.
John Buchanan (to Fin): You must be embarrassed about sending an innocent man to prison for 16 years.
Fin: I didn't convict anyone. I just arrested him. And no, I'm not embarrassed.

Background Information and Notes Edit

  • The episode is based on the case of Steven Avery, a man wrongfully convicted of the rape and attempted murder of a woman in 1985. In 2003, he was exonerated and released from prison due to new forensic evidence, only to be arrested again in 2005 for the murder of another woman. He was convicted of the murder in 2007 and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. Avery's story was the inspiration for the documentary Making a Murderer.

Episode scene cards Edit

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Apartment of
Sean Roberts
1839 Riverside Drive
Tuesday, August 16

125 West 74th Street
Tuesday, August 16

Supreme Court
Part 21
Wednesday, August 24

Supreme Court
Part 21
Thursday, August 25

Supreme Court
Part 21
Friday, August 26

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