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Malcolm Royce
Name Malcolm Royce
Title Steven Dashiell
Occupation Convention planner
Pathology Spree killer
Mass murderer
Family annihilator
Family Lindsay Royce (wife; deceased)
Tyler Royce (eldest son; deceased)
Drew Royce (youngest son; deceased)
Jennifer Royce (daughter; deceased)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Dylan Walsh
First Appearance "Annihilated"

Malcolm Royce (alias Steven Dashiell), was a mass murderer. Malcolm murdered his fiancée who he was in a secret relationship with, then he later murdered his wife and three children. He then tried to pin the killing spree on his wife, but failed. (SVU: "Annihilated")

Known VictimsEdit

  • 2007:
    • March 21: Cynthia Yellin (his fiancée; raped and snapped her neck)
    • March 23: The Royce family (all drugged except for Lindsay and shot once in the head)
      • Tyler Royce (his eldest son)
      • Drew Royce (his youngest son)
      • Jennifer Royce (his daughter)
      • Lindsay Royce (his wife; also attempted to set her up as a patsy)

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