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L&O, Episode 15.12
Production number: E5316
First aired: 5 January 2005
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Kenny Tremont
Written By
William N. Fordes & Douglas Stark

Directed By
Jace Alexander

Plot Edit

Suspects in a wealthy man's murder are his young widow and a contractor with whom she was romantically involved.

Cast Edit

Main cast Edit

Guest cast Edit

References Edit

Quotes Edit

Background information and notes Edit

This is the second episode that seems ripped from the headlines of the Ted Ammon murder; the first was season 13's "Hitman." The earlier episode was created prior to Ammon's widow's death and her lover's conviction for Ted's murder.

Episode scene cardsEdit

1 2 3

Tremont Renovation Site
191 East 80th Street
Monday, January 12

Hotel Daniel
37 East 78th Street
Tuesday, January 13

SLG Artist Studios
99 West 22nd Street
Wednesday, January 14

4 5 6

Apartment Of
Kenny Tremont
523 Elizabeth Street
Thursday, January 15

Grand Jury Room
Tuesday, January 20

Supreme Court
Trial Part 74
Monday, February 9

7 8 9

Chambers Of
Judge Delano Burns
Tuesday, February 10

Chambers Of
Judge Clara Solomon
Thursday, February 12

Supreme Court
Trial Part 57
Friday, February 27

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