Maria Recinos
Maria Recinos
Name Maria Recinos
Family Beatrice Recinos (mother)
Unnamed cousin
Unnamed father
Status Alive
Actor Rachel Diaz-Stand
Jeanine Monterroza (voice)
First Appearance "911"

Maria Recinos was a 9-year old Honduran victim of sexual abuse until she was rescued by the Special Victims Unit.


Whilst crossing the border to enter the United States, Maria Recinos was kidnapped and subsequently sold to child pornographer Richard Dwyer, who began using her for his own sexual gratification, as well as other men's. He also began to circulate pornographic images featuring Maria across the internet, which were found by the Montreal Special Victims Unit, but unfortunately they were unable to identify her.

Eventually, Maria managed to get ahold of Richard's cellphone whilst he was away and called 911. She was connected to Manhattan Special Victims Unit, where Detective Olivia Benson spoke to her for over 2 hours whilst attempting to locate her. Initially, the SVU team considered the possibility that either Maria was moving or that the call was a hoax when her call location sporadically changed between random cell towers, but after getting in touch with Honduran police, they were able to get in contact with Maria's mother who faxed over a picture of the girl. Recognizing the image, Benson was able to locate the files from the open child pornography investigation. FBI Special Agent Rachel Sorannis also managed to figure out that a virus planted by Richard in the cell company's switchboard was causing the call to be diverted to various cell towers.

With this information in hand, as well as information given to them by Maria, Detectives Benson and Odafin Tutuola were able to locate the basement of the electronics store in which Maria was being held. However, by the time they arrived, Richard had already disposed of any evidence and buried the girl alive. Thankfully, after finding evidence of the burial location in Richard's boots, they were able to dig her up and rescue her before she asphyxiated. (SVU: "911")

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