Marilyn Nesbit
Marilyn Nesbit.jpg
Name Marilyn Nesbit
Pathology Child abuser
Proxy murderer
Family Unnamed husband (deceased)
Daniel Nesbit (oldest son)
Adam Nesbit (middle son)
Jacob Nesbit (youngest son; deceased)
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Diane Venora
First Appearance "Home"

Marilyn Nesbit was a woman who lived in New York City. Prior to that, she had lived in New Jersey.


Marilyn had three sons, Jacob, Adam, and Daniel. After her husband's death, she became paranoid and raised her sons in inadequate conditions, starving them and strictly homeschooling them. She wanted nothing more than to always control the lives of her sons; preventing them from making friends, even getting married or meeting people. While in New Jersey, Daniel's teacher complained of abuse to the Division of Youth and Family Services. Marilyn subsequently moved away and left Daniel behind, telling Adam and Jacob he had died.

At one point, she had been diagnosed with BPD, an accusation to which she denied this very day. Marilyn was eventually locked in Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for life for three counts of child abuse, as well as counts of first-degree criminal facilitation, reckless endangerment, and murder for hire in the death of her youngest son Jacob, who was shot to death by Adam at her behest.