Mary Clark
Name Mary Clark
Title Defense Attorney
Judge (former)
Affiliation Legal Aid Society (former)
Occupation Attorney
Family Unnamed ex-husband
Three unnamed children
Status Alive
Actor Marlo Thomas
First Appearance "Home"
Last Appearance "Poison"

Mary Conway Clark is a defense attorney who served as Casey Novak's mentor back when she was a judge and Novak clerked for her.

History Edit

She started as a Legal Aid attorney before she got elevated to judge. Because of bills due to having children and an ex-husband who always avoided paying her alimony she switched to private practice.

Novak consulted with her on what to do with Adam Nesbit when he confesses to murdering his brother. (SVU: "Home")

Clark chastises Novak when she informs Mary Ellen Abbott about her husband, Andy's, HIV status without his permission. (SVU: "Lowdown")

Clients Edit


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