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Masucci Crime Family
Name Masucci Crime Family
Occupation Italian Mafia
Pathology Murderers
First Appearance L&O: "Everybody's Favorite Bagman"
Last Appearance CI: "Unchained"

The Masucci Crime Family was an Italian-American mob of criminals featured prominently in Law & Order and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Their crimes range from money laundering, extortion, and murder.


Known MembersEdit

  • Frank Masucci (boss; deceased)
  • Harv Beigal (underboss; deceased)
  • Franco Tortomassi (underboss)
  • Peter Taglioti (underboss)
  • Mario Zalta (lieutenant; imprisoned)
  • Federico Righetti (lieutenant; deceased)
  • Peter Righetti (lieutenant; imprisoned)
  • Anthony Scalisi (hitman; deceased)
  • Greco (hitman; deceased)
  • Joseph Pilefsky (soldier; imprisoned)
  • Vincent Greco (hitman)
  • Frederico Libretti (hitman; imprisoned)
  • John Viscardi (hitman; imprisoned)
  • Frank Curtis (hitman; imprisoned)
  • Eddie Ferguson (hitman; deceased)
  • Tommy Delanno (hitman; deceased)
  • Phil Bartoli (hitman)

Known AssociatesEdit

  • Charles Halsey (bagman; deceased)
  • Deputy Commander William Jefferson (co-conspirator in money laundering and Halsey's murder; imprisoned)
  • Borough President Conti (co-conspirator in money laundering and Halsey's murder; imprisoned)
  • Councilman Van Damme (co-conspirator in money laundering and Halsey's murder; imprisoned)
  • Cary Stillman (freelance hitman; imprisoned)
  • William Wachtler (attorney who helped cover-up a murder; imprisoned)
  • Harry Rowan (freelance hitman; imprisoned)
  • Russell Matthews (Rowan's cousin helping him dispose of his victims; imprisoned)
  • Detective Mark Virgini (dirty cop and hitman working for Taglioti; imprisoned)
  • Detective Albert Kirkoff (dirty cop and hitman working for Taglioti; imprisoned)

Known VictimsEdit

  • Unknown date: Unnamed victim (murdered by Scalisi for Masucci)
  • 1990s:
    • 1990:
      • Councilman Charles Halsey (slashed by Scalisi for Masucci through Biegal; survived, but died later in a hospital)
      • Anthony Scalisi (shot once in the back by Greco for Masucci through Biegal)
      • Ten unnamed people (murdered either by Masucci himself or one of his soldiers)
      • Russell Mackey (garroted by Ruffo for Masucci through Biegal)
      • Akbar (beaten to death by Pilefsky for Biegal)
      • Isaac Skolnick (beaten by Pilefsky for Biegal; survived)
    • 1991: Harv Beigal (murdered by Ruffo for Masucci)
    • 1994: Robert Parenti (murdered by Libretti and Biscotti)
  • 2000s:
    • Unknown dates:
      • Three unnamed people (murdered by Rowan)
      • Tommy Dunne (shot once in the head with a shotgun by Rowan)
    • 2000: James Hurly (stabbed by Rowan)
    • 2001:
      • Eddie Ferguson (killed by blunt-force trauma to the head by Rowan)
      • Unnamed punk (murdered on Tortomassi's orders)
    • 2002: Lyle Curicelli (strangled by Rowan)
    • 2003:
      • Jerry Tortino (shot twice in the back and branded post-mortem by Stillman on Federico's orders)
      • Alec Ravello (shot twice in the back and branded post-mortem by Stillman on Federico's orders)
      • Federico Righetti and an unnamed nurse (shot to death on Peter's orders)
    • 2004: Jacob Deiter (shot and stabbed by Libretti and Biscotti)
    • 2005:
      • George Branson (shot 14 times by Virgini and Kirkoff)
      • Judy Cordova (neck broken by Delanno and Bartoli)
      • Joey Long (drowned in the river by Delanno and Bartoli)
      • Tommy Delanno (shot three times in the chest by Virgini)
      • Phil Bartoli (shot in the shoulder by Kirkoff; survived)


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