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Matt Bergstrom
Name Matt Bergstrom
Occupation Game Editor
Pathology Serial Killer
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Christopher Patrick Mullen
First Appearance Agony

Matt Bergstrom was a serial killer who murdered at least six women in New York County over a five year period and possibly another woman in Houston, Texas. Arrested for an assault on a prostitute, the D.A.'s office went round after round with Bergstrom until he finally confessed to the torture-murder of one of his New York victims in exchange for a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Psychological ProfileEdit

Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Emil Skoda theorized that Bergstrom killed to act out on his violent sexual fantasies, which involved humiliating, degrading and torturing women. He would refine his MO as he went on. He was well-organized and careful. He studied crime-scene procedure. He planned the murders down to the last detail and acted decisively. He was meticulous, organized, and in a line or work where he dealt with minutiae, and had not traveled often, giving him a chance to kill without having to be tied down to one place. He had no prior relationship with his victims. He blended in and appeared normal to others. He also collected sadistic pornography and kept a detailed record of his cruelties.

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