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This company should not be confused with Mattawin Studios, a Hollywood movie house, or the Los Angeles hi-tech company Mattawin Technologies.

Mattawin Corporation is a company headquartered in New York City which buys and sells land and water rights.

It was a publicly traded company, and its stock price was closely followed by business news channels and its many investors. Upon reaching target stock prices, its executives were awarded millions of dollars in bonuses.

Ron Carver apparently owned stock in Mattawin.

It was eventually discovered by the NYPD's Major Case Squad that Mattawin was merely shifting money around from one paper company to another and making it appear to be profitable. Tuxedo Hill was one of these faked companies. As this would eventually result in the company's collapse, its executives, including CFO Jack Crawley, secretly sold their stock options at a great profit. This scheme was exposed after the arrest of Crawley on murder charges, and it was expected that the company would collapse. (CI: Tuxedo Hill)


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