Maureen Pagolis
Maureen Pagolis
Name Maureen Pagolis
Affiliation New York State Senate
Occupation Ex-politician
Pathology Conspirator
Accessory to murder
Family George Pagolis (husband)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Donna Murphy
First Appearance Albatross

Maureen Pagolis was a former member of the New York State Senate and wife of George Pagolis. Her role as a State Senator was considered trailblazing, and many throughout New York City admired her.

She was considering running for Mayor of New York City, and would have been the first female to hold that office. Her career, however, was hurt by the actions of her husband, who was indicted for embezzlement and also had dealings with the Mob.

She had raised large amounts of money for charities working for battered women.

She spoke at Detective Alexandra Eames's graduation from the Police Academy.

However in Albatross she is also shown as a battered wife that was constantly humiliated by her husband and planted listening devices on him as a revenge. After a friendly judge is murdered, she becomes a suspect. Although they ultimately arrest another suspect, Goren and Eames also uncover Maureen knew about the plan, because one of her devices was unknowingly carried by the killer, but did nothing for both wanting her husband dead and later for fear of being implicated on it.

She is currently serving her sentence in Bedford Hills and lost her position as a politician as a result.

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