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Mavis Summers
Name Mavis Summers
Occupation Actress (formally)
Family Catherine Summers (sister)
Rose Summers (sister)
Frank Maddox (brother-in-law)
Daniel Maddox (nephew)
Chelsea Maddox (niece)
Status Alive
Actor Celia Keenan-Bolger
First Appearance Reasonable Doubt

Mavis Summers is a woman who was sexually abused by her brother-in-law, Frank Maddox, when she was young.

Background Edit

When Mavis was twelve, her older sister, Catherine Summers, meet and eventually married Maddox, who helped her become a famous actress. When she was thirteen, Mavis was offered the chance to preform on Maddox's television show, after they were done shooting the episode, Maddox brought Mavis to an after show party, during the party Maddox invites Mavis into a hot tube where he rapes her. After the assault Mavis would't star on Maddox's show again and did't report the rape because Maddox took care of her family. Maddox then began having an affair with Mavis Summers younger sister, Rose Summers, and when she came of age, Maddox divorced Catherine Summers and got engaged with Rose Summers. When Mavis came to New York to visit Catherine, Maddox went to Catherine's apartment, where he molested his daughter, Chelsea Maddox. When Mavis learned of this, she leaked nude photos Maddox took of Rose in her mid-teens on the internet to help stop him from hurting more people.

Reasonable Doubt Edit

When sergeant Olivia Benson and detective Nick Amaro visit Catherine's farmhouse, where they meet Mavis she takes them to Chelsea and Catherine. When Catherine decided to press charges against Maddox for abusing Chelsea, Mavis goes to the precinct with them and is with Rollins as Chelsea when she makes her statement. After the nanny supports Maddox's story on the stand, Mavis tells Catherine that nobody would believe Maddox was a pedophile and that she shouldn't have put Chelsea through the trial. Later Benson goes to Mavis and asks her if Maddox abused her when she was little, Mavis said it didn't matter because nobody would believe her if she told and didn't want to be called crazy but Benson urges her to testify to help Chelsea.

Mavis later appears on the news where she finally tells how Maddox sexually assaulted her when she was thirteen and that she was the one who leaked the nude photos of Rose to stop Maddox from hurting anyone else, she then says that Maddox should't be allowed to get away with what he did because he's talented and that anyone who allowed Maddox to go unpunished were as guilty as him. Afterwords Maddox uses his privet jet to flee to France before he can be convicted. When Maddox is found guilty of molesting Chelsea, Mavis, Catherine and Chelsea are escorted thou a press conference outside their apartment and say that since Maddox was found guilty, all they want is their privacy. (SVU: "Reasonable Doubt")

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