Max Long
Max Long
Name Max Long
Affiliation Max Long Productions
Occupation Pornography director and producer
Pathology Murderer
Status Imprisoned
Actor Matt Malloy
First Appearance "Hooked"

Max Long is a pornography director and producer, and founder of Max Long Productions. He came under investigation in the death of Lisa Downey. (SVU: "Hooked")


A longtime porn producer, Max Long (real name unknown) was not particularly known for his scruples. He knowingly hired several HIV-positive actors and actresses, hiding their status from the rest of the industry through fake medical records provided by Dr. Derek Tanner. When one of his actresses, Trudi Strutts (née Lisa Downey), contracted HIV and began causing problems for him out of concern for her health, he killed her by bashing her head in with a camera tripod. He managed to elude the authorities for some time (mainly due to interference in the case by Downey's friend Angela Agnelli), but was ultimately caught after Agnelli killed Dr. Tanner, which led the police to a video he made featuring Downey, Agnelli, and Tanner. Long was arrested for Downey's murder after detectives discovered Downey's hair caught in the screws of the camera tripod that he used to kill her. He was also charged with promoting the sexual performance of a minor, as Downey and Agnelli were only 15 when he began filming them.


  • Max Long may be based on infamous porn producer Max Hardcore.

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