Meena Hasni
Meena Hasni
Name Meena Hasni
Family Kazi Hasni
Safia Hasni
Dani Hasni
Unborn child (deceased)
Status Deceased
Actor Mahira Kakkar
First Appearance World's Fair

Meena Hasni was a nineteen-year-old Pakistani-American college student. She was killed due to a contracue injury to the brain. At the time of her death she was seven weeks pregnant.

Meena's family consisted of her father Kazi, her mother Safia, and her brother Dani. They all lived above their grocery store Hasni's. After the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9/11 the family had to close their restaurant Jewel of Punjab. The family had strict believes due to their Muslim heritage.

Meena was set up for an arranged marriage with Tariq Amir, which she didn't agree with. Meena got involved with Rudy Ventano, a handsome Italian, who got her pregnant. He wanted to keep their baby, but Meena decided to have an abortion. Because of their disagreement over the baby Detectives Mike Logan and Megan Wheeler looked at Rudy as the prime suspect. It turned out that he had a solid alibi for the time of Meena's murder. Even though he was innocent he was killed by Meena's father.

The next suspect on their list was Tariq Amir. Amir tried to leave the country on a freighter, but he was picked up by the INS. After a short interview it was clear that he also had an alibi.

Meena's father confessed to killing his own daughter in order to return honor to their family, but he couldn't name all the details from the murder. He was protecting the real murderer, Dani, Meena's brother. He had to drop out of college after the closing of his father's restaurant, and couldn't deal with the fact that Meena had defied their father with Rudy Ventano. He left her dead body under the Unisphere 15 with the message '4911' written next to her. (CI:"World's Fair")

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