Megan Wheeler
Megan Wheeler in Law & Order- Criminal Intent
Name Megan Wheeler
Title Detective (former)
Affiliation New York City Police Department (former)
Division Major Case Squad (former)
Occupation Police officer
Family Margo Jane Wheeler (daughter with Colin Ledger)
Status Alive (retired)
Actor Julianne Nicholson
First Appearance "Tru Love"
Last Appearance "Major Case"

Detective Megan Wheeler is Zack Nichols' partner, who replaced Mike Logan.


Police forceEdit

Wheeler Tru love

Wheeler in 2006.

By 2009, Detective Zack Nichols replaced Mike Logan as Wheeler's new partner. That same year, she became pregnant by her former fiancée, who was incarcerated in a federal prison for twelve years. (CI: "In Treatment")


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