Meghan Weller
Name Meghan Wheeler
Occupation Actress
Family Unnamed father
Status Alive
Actor Jenn Proske
First Appearance "Theatre Tricks"

Meghan Weller is an actress who was set up to be raped by her close friend Holly Schneider, who was envious of Meghan.


Meghan grew up in Hennepin, Minnesota with her friend Holly and they moved to New York to become actresses. When Holly got a part in a play, Meghan came to help run lines and was given the part instead much to Holly's resentment. On the night of the play, Meghan is excited that she has gotten her big break and director Ted Scott tells her that she is a great actress and that her life won't be the same.

During the theater interactive show while Meghan is acting, someone from the crowd comes up and rapes her while another observer (who turns out to be a theater critic who believed it was all part of the show) holds her arms down while everyone else observes. After the show, Meghan tells Scott that she was raped. She is then questioned by detective Olivia Benson about her assault. The next day, she is questioned by Olivia and Nick again when her friend and roommate Holly comes home and feigns caring about Meghan's safety.

When it is revealed that a friend of their's named Jason has been stalking Meghan and spying on her with security cameras, Meghan helps lure him to a cafe where he is arrested during which she expresses her disgust of him spying on her.

When it is revealed that a judge named Gerald Crane raped Meghan, he shows a profile of her on a website called "Suger Babyz" as proof that Meghan wanted what happened. When Olivia and Nick show Meghan the website, she is shocked and says she did't set up the profile, then asks if they believe her and the detectives assure Meghan they do. Holly convinces Meghan that they should just go home while everything is sorted out.

While they are packing, detectives Nick and Amanda come and give the false impression that Ted Scott set up the profile on Suger Babyz and then reveal that her friend Holly was a sugar baby on that website. Eventually, Holly confesses that she was jealous of Meghan and that she set up the profile to trick the judge into raping her. Meghan is shocked and starts to shed tears, then she screams and pushes her former best friend for having Crane rape her, but Holly smugly states that it was about time something horrible happened to her. Holly is then arrested by Rollins while Amaro consoles Meghan. (SVU: "Theatre Tricks")

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