Melanie Cramer
Melanie Cramer
Name Melanie Cramer
Affiliation Church of Wisdom and Sight
Family John Cramer (father; deceased)
Cindy Cramer (mother)
Samuel (maternal half-brother; deceased)
Eugene Hoff ("husband"; deceased)
Unnamed son (deceased)
Unborn child
Unnamed grandparents (both deceased)
Status Alive
Actor Holliston Coleman
First Appearance "Charisma"

Melanie Cramer was a twelve-and-a-half-year-old girl impregnated by Eugene Hoff.


Melanie and her parents, John and Cindy, disappeared in the 90's, when she was only two years old. Her grandparents reported them missing to the Englewood, P.D., but they couldn't find anything useful.

Ten years later, Melanie appeared in the St. Catherine's Hospital. She was thirty weeks pregnant and had contractions at twenty-minute intervals. Further examination concluded that she delivered a baby before. She told Detective Olivia Benson she had a baby boy, but he died. The father of her unborn child is her "husband" Abraham Ophion.

Abraham was the reason for the disappearance of the Cramer family. He was the leader of the Church of Wisdom and Sight, a cult that appealed to Melanie's parents. Abraham shot John through the head and stashed him inside a wall of his house. He then told Melanie's mother that her husband had left her and her daughter.

Abraham was the father of Melanie's half-brother, Samuel. Her little brother died along with five other children at the hands of one of Abraham's followers, who later committed suicide. The cult-leader had a good reason to keep Melanie alive, because she had a two-million dollar trust fund, which was only available when she turned 21 or had a baby.

Because of her condition, Melanie had to stay in the hospital until after she'd delivered the baby. However, Eugene managed to take her away from the hospital and took her to an abandoned warehouse. With the help of Melanie's mother, Detective Benson found her lying on a bed without Abraham around. Officer Zermeño also entered the room, and soon after, he spotted Eugene inside the warehouse carrying a bag of groceries. Zermeño and Benson pointed their guns at him and ordered him to surrender.

Melanie shot Zermeño in the leg, then pointed her gun towards Benson. Eugene kept telling Melanie to shoot Benson as well, while Benson tried to convince her to lower her gun. For a while, it seemed that Melanie was going to shoot Benson, but she eventually shot Eugene. She said that she had to do that because he was lying. He said that he was greater than God, but according to Melanie nobody is. (SVU: "Charisma")

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