Mia Latimer
Name Mia Latimer
Occupation Housewife
Family Brent Latimer (husband)
Status Deceased
Actor Clea DuVall
First Appearance Persona

Mia Latimer was the abused wife of Brent Latimer.

History Edit

A self-described poor girl, Mia's life changed forever when, at age 18, she met Brent Latimer, who seemed like a prince out of a fairy-tale. However, life turned sour shortly after their marriage. Brent was an abusive husband who sought to control Mia as much as possible. He forced her to cut ties with all of her friends and family, prevented her from receiving any vocational education, and tricked her into signing a prenuptial agreement that would have bankrupted her if she tried to divorce him. He also kept a collection of guns with which to threaten her. She was beaten on a regular basis, and when she refused sex with him, he raped her.

When Mia discovered she was pregnant, she panicked and sought to terminate the pregnancy. As luck would have it, however, the pharmacist at the local drugstore was pro-life and tried to prevent Mia from getting morning-after pills. Mia panicked and created a disturbance. After the altercation with a pharmacist and a false rape report, Mia's plight attracted the attention of Detective Olivia Benson who, with the help of neighbor Linnie Malcolm, tried to get Mia to the safety of a shelter. Their efforts failed, however, and Mia instead returned home and dropped the charges against Brent, insisting that there was no problem now. Detective Benson however was unconvinced and attempted to intervene after overhearing Brent viciously beating Mia once more. However the moment she arrived Mia was stabbed to death by Brent, despite Olivia's attempts to stabilize her. Brent was subsequently sentenced to life in prison. (SVU: "Persona")

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