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Michael Bloomberg
Michael Bloomberg
Name Michael Bloomberg
Title Mayor
Occupation Politician
Status Alive
Actor Himself
First Appearance "Nowhere Man"
Last Appearance "Paradigm"

Michael Bloomberg was a Mayor of New York City. He held that office from 2002 to the end of 2013, after Rudolph Giuliani.

In 2004, he held a press conference condemning the murder of ADA Daniel Tenofsky, and a second one to comment on the end of the case. (L&O: "Nowhere Man")

The same year, he held a press conference with District Attorney Arthur Branch following the arrest of Nadira Harrington on suspicion of murder. (L&O: "Paradigm")

In 2006, after an explosion that killed an 8-year old girl, Bloomberg was demanding the New York City district attorney office to bring the perpetrator to justice immediately. (L&O: "Home Sweet")

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