Michael Delpit
Name Michael Delpit
Affiliation Louisiana Bio-Chemical Defense Institute
Occupation Lab technician
Pathology Bio-weapon dealer
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Leo Marks
First Appearance "Storm"

Michael Delpit was a low-wage employee at Louisiana BioChem Defense.


When Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, he stayed behind while everyone else evacuated in order to steal vials of weapons-grade anthrax. He then traveled north to New Jersey in order to sell the vials to the highest bidder. He might have gotten away with this, except that he picked up Alvin Dutch and the Wright sisters in order to look like he was transporting a family to safety. Nicki Wright accidentally took one of the vials and inadvertently exposed Alvin to anthrax. Alvin's death drew the attention of the Manhattan Special Victims Unit, who arrested Delpit and turned him over to the Federal government. (SVU: "Storm")

He is currently serving a life sentence in a United States Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas for stealing and selling the anthrax.

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