Michael Wedmore
Name Michael Wedmore
Affiliation Brooklyn Mercy Hospital
Occupation Hospital employee
Pathology Rapist
Drug dealer
Family Yvette Wedmore (mother)
Mignon (fiancée)
Status Acquitted
Actor Cedric Sanders
First Appearance "True Believers"

Michael Wedmore is a pot dealer who raped Sarah Walsh and was suspected of raping her a second time before being proven he didn't.


Michael raped Sarah at gunpoint in her apartment. Since she waits a day before reporting it to the police, the SVU detectives are unable to recover any DNA evidence except for what Michael left on the glass of beer she gave him.

After Sarah sees Michael outside of a local bar, Detectives Olivia Benson and Nick Amaro track him down and arrest him. Michael returns home and his mother and fiancée start screaming because he is being arrested. Right before Amaro cuffs him, Michael tosses a gun under the couch, which Amaro retrieves.

Bayard Ellis, a well-acclaimed attorney and civil liberties advocate, takes Michael's case pro bono in order to expose the NYPD's violations of protocol on both the ID of the suspect and the recovery of the gun. Ellis casts doubts on the prosecution of his client, claiming that the case is racially motivated.

During the trial, Ellis suggests that the gun was planted by Amaro and reveals that Sarah had sex with an anonymous black man the night before her rape. Michael denies having any sexual contact with Sarah and claims that she tried to seduce him. In the end, he is acquitted on all charges. (SVU: "True Believers")

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