Mike McDugan
Name Mike McDugan
Title Crazy Mike
Occupation Thug
Pathology Serial assailant
Status Imprisoned
Actor John Ellison Conlee
First Appearance "Menace"

Michael L. "Crazy Mike" McDugan is a man with a temper and a history of assault charges.


Mike has been arrested for assault on five different occasions with two of those instances resulting in convictions. After spending time at Altona Correctional Facility, Crazy Mike was approached by his former cellmate, David Randall, on behalf of Robert Dorning, the son of Harold Dorning, owner of the Walkrite Shoe Factory, which Randall had burned down several months earlier. The fire had been a scheme by Dorning to collect insurance money to pay off his debts, but one of the elder Dorning's former employees, Karen Whatney, knew that the fire was no accident and was planning to blackmail him. Mike was thus hired to frighten Whatney.

However, when he accosted her on the Brooklyn Bridge, his attempt went awry, and she ran off the bridge, plummeting to her death. Arrested for assault soon after, Mike initially managed to deny that he had played any part in her death other than scaring her away from her car, but eventually, the police found the connection between him and Dave Randall. Mike agreed to testify against Dorning in exchange for a lighter sentence for the assault. Dorning is currently serving 25 years in prison for Whatney's murder. (L&O: "Menace")

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