Miles Stone
Name Miles Stone
Occupation Illusionist
Status Deceased
Actor Jeremy Gender
First Appearance Vanishing Act

Miles Stone was an illusionist known for performing outrageous stunts. Such events usually pushed his body to its physical limits.

He believed that the public was tired of "card tricks" and wanted to see truly amazing stunts.

Stone did not graduate from high school, but did obtain a GED. He began his career as a magician and got his start working for fellow magician Carmine, who claimed in later years to have taught Stone "everything he knows".

His final stunt, entitled Miles Lives, was intended by Stone to involve burying a coffin with him inside in a cemetery, with only an air supply, IV for fluids, and a webcam. After a month, he planned to be dug back up. One of his personnel, Jacob Green, was concerned for his safety if he performed such a stunt, and begged Stone to let him design a way to safely do it. Given that Green had attended MIT, Stone agreed.

When the stunt was begun, it appeared that Stone indeed was buried underground. Near the end of the month, those watching saw things appear to go wrong near the end of the month, with his webcam showing him gasping for air and convulsing. His personnel above ground ordered the coffin dug back up, but when they opened the coffin, no one was inside.

He was found on Coney Island within one of Carmine's magic tricks, unknowingly impaled by Carmine with numerous swords, though it was determined that he was dead before that. It was not immediately clear how Stone got there from being underground, and it took Detectives Robert Goren and Alexandra Eames discovering how the illusion was performed to determine that. (CI: Vanishing Act)

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