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CI, Episode 3.14
Production number: E4515
First aired: 22 February 2004
  th of 195 produced in CI  
th of 195 released in CI
  th of 1106 released in all  
Gordon Buchanan
Teleplay By
Elizabeth Benjamin

Story By
Elizabeth Benjamin & René Balcer

Directed By
Joyce Chopra

Detectives Goren and Eames investigate the murder of a pharmaceutical company executive found cut in half in midtown.

Plot Edit


Cast Edit

Main cast Edit

Guest cast Edit

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Quotes Edit

"Are you lovers?"
"Give me a little credit. I don't chase after secretaries."

- Robert Goren and Gordon Buchanan

"Doctor tell me something. When you decide to dump this stuff what do you do, flip a coin? Heads Asia, tails Africa?"

- Robert Goren

"You ask the weirdest questions."
"You have no idea."

- Ashley Heaton and Alexandra Eames

"Someone is passing off human plasma as synthetic."

- Robert Goren

"What did you find out about the embassy in Bangkok?"
"They have lovely fax cover sheets..."

- Ron Carver and Alexandra Eames

"You cut a human being in half, Brian. How good does that make you?"

- Robert Goren

Background information and notes Edit

Background information and notes

Previous episode:
"Pas de Deux"
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Season 3
Next episode:
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