L&O, Episode 18.03
Production number: 18002
First aired: 9 January 2008
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th of 456 released in L&O
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Van Buren Lupo Misbegotten
Written By
David Wilcox & Stephanie Sengupta

Directed By
Michael Watkins

Plot Edit

A bombing alerts Lupo and Green to a scientist's controversial research after one of the test subjects, a pregnant woman, is injured.

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Episode scene cards Edit

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NYPD Bomb Squad Lab
Tuesday, September 11

Office of
Dr. Edward Choudhary
Westside Medical Center
Tuesday, September 11

Home of
Melina & Mike Flemming
83 East 20th Street
Brooklyn, New York
Tuesday, September 11

Hudson University
Friday, September 14

Christian Youth Ministry
40-43 Northern Blvd.
Queens, New York
Friday, September 14

6 7 8 9 10

Office of
Dr. Paul Bellamy
Westside Medical Center
Friday, September 14

Home of
Dean Emerson
83-86 40th Avenue
Queens, New York
Monday, September 17

Rikers Island
Correctional Facility
Wednesday, September 19

Chambers of
Judge Josiah Bell
Tuesday, Septemeber 25

Home of
Judge Josiah Bell
122 East 68th Street
Wednesday, November 7

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Season 18
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