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Mitch Wilkens
Name Mitch Wilkens
Title Max Van Horn
Eric Wayne Proctor
Occupation Parking attendant
Pathology Double murderer
Repeat offender
Status Executed
Actor Logan Marshall-Green
First Appearance "Soulless"

Mitchell "Mitch" Wilkens (alias Eric Wayne Proctor and Max Van Horn) (b. 1981) was a young criminal.


Mitch previously served time in a juvenile facility for the murder of three-year-old neighbor Tommy Leggatt, which occurred when he was ten and living under the name Eric Wayne Proctor. As an adult, he also became a suspect in the kidnapping, rape, and felony murder of fifteen-year-old Chloe Dutton.

Mitch was brought to justice after the mother of his first victim and his own mother testified against him once she realized the truth about him.

Mitch was tried and convicted of Chloe's murder, later being sentenced to death. Prior to his execution, he was also a suspect in the disappearance of Emily Owens, the elderly owner of the brownstone he lived in before his arrest, but he had no knowledge of Owens' whereabouts. Her status, or whether or not Mitch was responsible for her disappearance, is currently unknown. (SVU: "Soulless")

Known VictimsEdit

  • 1991: Tommy Leggatt (tortured and burned to death)
  • 2003: Chloe Dutton (raped; later abducted after the rape and murdered)


  • Mitch was based on historic serial killer Jesse Pomeroy, who in the late 19th century committed a string of murders against younger boys.

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